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Just Call Me “Contradiction”


Maybe most women are like this.  And if so, please let me know women.  If not, I’d appreciate a lie.

I’m a contradiction in pants.  With every thought I have, I have a contradictive one ready to reply.  Even my personality is contradictive.  For every trait and characteristic I have, the Lord has seen fit to pair it with the opposite.  I mess up personality tests.  The results are impossible. 

I am a perfectionist that is too lazy and too fearful to experience the benefits of being a perfectionist.  And doesn’t this just suck!  I have the highest expectations of myself yet struggle with the self-confidence to see it through.  I am a control freak that has realized just how little control she has.  I’m a small weakish girl with a fierce spirit.  I am highly competitive yet have very little experience in winning.   I love learning but have a hard time absorbing and retaining information.  I have a little head but it’s heavy (so says my husband).  I am a systematic person who has very little logic wisdom.  I am a creative person who has very little talent.  I have both type A personality and type B personality and they cancel each other out.  I could kill you or give my life for yours – depending on my mood and which of my personalities is present at the moment.  I love people but I’m my own best friend – I like a silent house.

I could go on and on. 

What about you?  Please tell me I’m not alone.


8 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Contradiction”

  1. Yes! This is why I HATE personality tests, profiles, etc. They are ridiculous. You can’t put me in a box! It just can’t happen. Because of exactly what you just explained. I am a contradiction! Everything depends upon the situation, the people, the mood…

  2. I was talking to someone at lunch about this. She said that she is an extrovert and an introvert. She said, “I don’t know if it’s possible, but that’s what I am.” I said, “Yes! It’s possible.” And I was thinking of your post.

    1. I’m pretty sure you can be both an introvert and extrovert. I am an introvert at heart, but because I was the new kid in elementary school 4 times out of 6 years, I learned early on that in order to have friends, one needs to reach out and talk. I prefer talking to myself (in my head), but my voice gets kind of soft by the end of my days lately – because I’m talking so much to my patients and coworkers! And sometimes you can’t avoid a patient’s hug. They can be very powerful and insistant sometimes.

  3. Wow…you just described me! I must beg to differ tho….if you are both left and right brained….it is a fabulous thing…it means we are centered! I believe this is why I’ve been so confused most of my life. Im also thinking, lately, that there is a way, in which God designed me that “the world” (parents, siblings, teachers, friends) tried to change. Ive been pondering this over the last couple of years…and it seems to be making some sense because…there are things that are in my soul…my hearts content…that were never allowed to surface…like my creativity…because of outside influences. ie: (my mother talking) “Why on earth would you want to go to floral design school…thats the stupidest thing Ive ever heard…there is NO MONEY in that….you just get yourself a job at a credit union or a bank and be happy…theres nothing wrong with that” So…I spent the better part of my life in corporate america…making pretty good money….and never, ever was I even a little bit happy with it. I am 51 yrs old….and have truly found my hearts desire in floral design! I believe that God set me up this way…to be creative…however…I also have the detail/business mind that allowed me to succeed in corporate america…soooooo….again I say….We are the centered people!!!! It helps to know…and follow how God created us….it soothes the soul!

    1. Thanks for giving me this new perspective on being “contradictive”, I never thought about it as being centered. I thought of it as crazy, driving me crazy. But maybe I’m more balanced than I thought? I don’t know about that one Jane. I’m still sistainsane.

      That is so cool that you have finally decided to do what your heart desires! I absolutely am humbled and thankful that God made us creative people. I believe everyone has creativity in them – were we not made in God’s image and isn’t he THE Creator? I’ve found that writing has been the biggest thing in my life that connects me to Him. Writing, singing, and thinking. He has shown me himself in ways I would never have seen had I not followed the encouragement of Carol S. and started to write again. That’s a whole other post though!

      Happy floral designing Jane!

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