The Sistas

More Shots of Annapolis



My girlfriends and I went to Annapolis in July.  I posted my pictures on the other blog.  Sista Wildchild brought Speedracer Sista’s pictures to our lunch today.  I’ll share some of them with you.  It’s really neat to see pictures from other people – the same sights that you took, and view those things through their eyes.  Other angles, sights you overlooked while looking somewhere else … and I’m actually in some of these pictures which is really weird.  Rarely do I see a picture of myself!







Our next travelling adventure won’t be until the Fall of 2011 or longer most likely.  We are dreaming of meandering up North to tour the big mansions of the Vanderbilt’s and other such people.  This will be worth our wait – and we’ll have plenty of time to dream and plan.


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